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Corporate Blogging Surveys

If you want to make up a survey and post the survey here, please go ahead.

2005 Backbone Media Corporate Blogging Survey (John Cass)

  1. The Backbone Media Corporate Blogging survey was conducted during May & June of 2005. Over 500 companies were contacted. 97 people responded, and six case studies were developed from indepth interviews.


Case studies

Corporate Blogging Blog Survey (Fredrik Wackċ)


  1. What do you expect/hope that the blog will deliver in terms of marketing and branding? Something different compared to other ways of communication?
  2. Has clients or prospects reacted in any way? What do they think?


The Value of Corporate Blogging 2004 Survey (John Cass)

  • I've been thinking about the value of corporate blogging and I thought a survey would help answer some of my questions. Here are my questions, click here to see my original posting.

For all of those corporate bloggers, I have some questions for you about corporate blogging:

  1. Why do you blog for your company?
  2. What goals did you set for the blog?
  3. How do you think your blog fits into your company's communications strategy?
  4. Tell me about the publishing mechanics of your blog. How often do you publish? How do you decide what to publish? Any special publishing techniques?
  5. Who writes the blog? Who contributes to the blog on a regular basis?
  6. Have you achieved your original communications goals?
  7. Were there any any unexpected communications or learning consequences as a result of publishing your blog?

New Questions

  1. How have you built better relationships with customers?
  2. Macromedia, MicroSoft? and other companies are encouraging more of their employees to blog. How do all of these different voices together affect the direction of a company?


  • If you want to answer the questions, please either post them on your blog and add your name to the list below, make a posting on the comments section of my blog, or create a new page in the wiki and link to it below.
  • If you come up with any more questions you'd like answered post them here

Here are answers from people kind enough to answer the survey:

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