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Surveys and reports

  • NEW - (PDF) RSS — Crossing into the Mainstream - a whitepaper by Joshua Grossnickle (Yahoo!), Todd Board, Brian Pickens, and Mike Bellmont (Ipsos Insight), October 2005
    • Awareness of RSS is quite low among Internet users. 12% of users are aware of RSS, and 4% have knowingly used RSS.
    • 27% of Internet users consume RSS syndicated content on personalized start pages (e.g., My Yahoo!, My MSN) without knowing that RSS is the enabling technology.
    • 28% of Internet users are aware of podcasting, but only 2% currently subscribe to podcasts.
    • Even tech-savvy “Aware RSS Users” prefer to access RSS feeds via user-friendly, browser-based experiences.

  • How influencers are using RSS, Nooked - August 22, 2005
    • The Nooked - Influencer survey set out to establish if key influencers - journalists, analysts and bloggers – are using RSS to collect information for analysis, news & reports and/or determine their future plans for adopting RSS as an information gathering & tracking tool.
  • One in 10 Weblog Readers Personalizes Content with RSS Feeds, Nielsen//NetRatings - August 15, 2005
    • According to Nielsen//NetRatings' "Understanding the Blogosphere" survey, nearly five percent of blog readers use feed aggregation software and more than six percent use a feed aggregating Web site to monitor RSS feeds from blogs.
  • Forrester Research report on RSS use, ClickZ, August 2, 2005
    • RSS is used by 2% of US adults, 5% of teens and young adults aged 12 to 21

Media RSS feeds


  • RSS Gives Marketers Uncensored Channel, Joe Dysart, April 27, 2005
    • "Frustrated by the incessant e-mail bouncebacks from ISPs? and yearning to send giant audio/video pitches over the Web unencumbered, some direct marketers are turning to RSS, or really simple syndication, to get all of their messages — and all of their message — to target markets headache-free."
  • Q&A: Fergus Burns; CEO Nooked, March 31 2005
    • "RSS is disrupting a lot of the ways communication is flowing at the moment. If the trend continues, it will become part and parcel of everybody's workday, in the same way that e-mail had an affect in the past. RSS doesn't replace e-mail. RSS is maybe the way the web meant to be. But from a consumption perspective, it won't be a mass-market play for another year or two."
  • exclusive: RSS transcends the clutter of the inbox, Keith O'Brien, July 8, 2004
    • "Because of that, RSS, the so-called TiVo? for the Internet, can fundamentally change the way media is consumed and, consequently, the way PR is done."

Weblogs about RSS

  • Corporate RSS - Applied (feed) - Alexander V. "Sandy" Hamilton III, Executive Vice President, Newsgator Technologies
    • "The benefits of using RSS in the business world"
  • Moonwatcher (feed) - Charlie Wood, VP of Enterprise Solutions, NewsGator Technologies
    • "Charlie Wood tracks the emerging Enterprise RSS market."
  • The RSS Diary (feed) - Rok Hrastnik
    • "The RSS Diary reports on the developments in the RSS world and on the events surrounding the e-book Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS"
  • The RSS Weblog (feed) - Harold Check, Weblogs, Inc.
  • Think Outside The Feed (feed)
    • "Thoughts on the emerging use of RSS by Bill French and F. Andy Seidl, Co-founders of MyST Technology Partners"

Reports and whitepapers



RSS Solutions

Weblog postings

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