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The freshest links to articles are indexed in Articles. The links are moved, after a week or two, in the categories you'll find in the left menu, under Resources Directory. Please add relevant resources.

About this page

This is a directory of resources related to the impact of personal publishing (weblogs & RSS syndication) to the practice of public relations and communication. This project continues and expands the RSS and Weblogs in Public Relations wiki page, started by Constantin Basturea in February 2004 and hosted by the Socialtext Workspace offered with generosity by RSS Winterfest.

Categories (alphabetical)

  1. Articles/Main
  2. Blogging Policies
  3. Blogging: Legal Challenges
  4. Blogging on the job FAQ
  5. Blogging Ethics
  6. Business Blogging
  7. BizBlogging 101
  8. BizBlogConsultants
  9. Books & Book Chapters
  10. Case Studies
  11. CEO Blogs List
  12. Corporate Blogs List
  13. Corporate Blogging Survey
  14. Conferences Archives
  15. Headlines Aggregators
  16. Important Speeches
  17. Internal Blogging
  18. Interviews
  19. Media Studies
  20. Media - RSS feeds
  21. Pitching Blogs
  22. PR Studies
  23. Product Blogs List
  24. Reports for sale
  25. Reports and Surveys
  26. Upcoming Conferences
  27. Weblogs Directories
  28. Weblog Search Tools
  29. White papers
  30. Wikis

What to Post and How to Post in the Resources Directory


  • post links to RELEVANT articles and weblog postings in Articles
  • if you're adding a link to a blog entry, use the permalink for a particular posting, not the (generic) address of the blog
  • respect the general format of the entries: article's title, by [author's name], publication/weblog's name (no link), date of publication, excerpt
  • suggest a category where the link should be moved (see the left side menu for existing categories); feel free to suggest a new category.


  • don't use the wiki for self promotion.


  • What kind of categorisation scheme would be more appropriate?
  • Should we have a page aggregating all the different types of resources? How often should we update that page?
  • Idea: Posting a link to an article (posting, white paper, etc.) should be as simple as possible. The most simple way to do it is to have everybody posting the link in just one place -- let's say on the Articles Index. Suggest one or multiple categories for the posting, like PitchingBlogs and/or WhitePapers. Someone else will move it in the appropriate page, or you can do it. What do you think? (ConstantinBasturea)
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