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Non-Profit Blogging, Podcasting and Social Media


A discussion space for those interested in the use of social media (blogs, podcasts, RSS, and more) by non-profits to enhance their public relations/marketing activities.

How to use this space:

  • Add links below to the list of any non-profit social media efforts you find online.
  • Add suggestions below to the list of ideas on how PR bloggers may help non-profit blogging and social media efforts.

"Operation Link Love"


A suggested response to Tom Murphy's "Call to Action" for PR practitioners. How can we help non-profits online?

Starting point:

  • Tom Murphy: Charitable blogging.... March 03, 2006
    • Murphy's post points to several examples of non-profits blogging. He offers several key reasons why non-profits should consider blogs.
    • Then, Murphy asks, "So the question for charities out there is how can we help? I'm in the planning stages of a small project here in Ireland where I'll be working with Enable Ireland to possibly put together a free blogging workshop for charitable organisations. But I'm sure there's stuff we can do online, and I'm sure the ever growing PR blog community won't be found wanting..."

So, what can we do? How about these suggestions. Add your own.

  1. Link love. The PR blogging community can easily help these non-profits with a selfless gift. A link - in your blog. Plain and simple.
    • Links to these sites from established blogs will help them gain visibility. This is a simple gesture of support. Pick one, two - or all of them - and give a friendly link.
    • You do not have to link to them in support of their core issues, if you do not support their mission. Instead, discuss their efforts in further developing social media.
    • You will notice that there are few examples below, and the only ones with wide visibility online are those with either
      • agency support, or
      • large infrastructures of their own.
  2. Second, the PR blogging community can visit these sites and:
    • Comment with praise and/or constructive criticism about their efforts.
    • Write posts in their own blogs with praise and/or constructive criticism pointing to these sites.
    • Write to the organizations and offer pro-bono services and support to these organizations.
  3. Next, add links below to any non-profit blogging, and other social media, examples you can find online.
  4. Any other ideas? Add them here.


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The List

Blogs maintained by and/or for nonprofit organizations

Non-profit podcasts

Reviews and Critiques of Nonprofit Blogs and Social Media

Those writing about nonprofit blogging.

The Resources

Resources for Nonprofit Blogs

I have noted that, for now, it is easier to find sites writing 'about' nonprofit activities than actual blogs 'by' nonprofit organizations.

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