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A wiki page for the International Association of Nobodies

Official Communication Tools

I'm nobody... who are you? []
The official blog of the IAN
Where nobodies gather, because somebodies don't like us and anybodies ignore us entirely.

The Big Nobodies []
The official Squidoo lens of the IAN

Nobodies Google Group []
The official Google group of the IAN

"This I Believe" for Nobodies

Nobody does better PR! []
Ike Pigott's treatise on the importance of being a nobody and transparency

"Nobodyland isn't really such a bad place, so long as you aren't trying to get out. You can do a lot of good work there, and since you're out of sight, you are free to make mistakes, explore new ideas, and develop them until you're ready to try them out in public."

Positive take on Nobodies from Robert Fuller's upcoming book All Rise [].
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