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Show #581 - January 10, 2011

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Content summary

Happy birthday Eric Schwartzman!; listener comments discussion; News That Fits: can Dave Winer reinvent blogging?, Dan York reports on DimDim and more, the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop, a third of consumers now shopping via mobile, Michael Netzley reports from Singapore, Pollstream promo, David Phillips reports on the envisioning Digital Europe 2030 report; music from The Alice Project; and more.

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  • 0:00 Intro and opening comments: Happy birthday Eric Schwartzman!
  • Listener comments
    • 1:20 - Bob Crawshaw
    • 2:05 - Rundown of all the congratulatory comments received for the 6th Anniversary.
    • 3:04 - Chris Crabrera (e-mail comment) re an outdated link on the FIR site
    • 4:23 - Mark Comerford, via FIR FriendFeed? room - his view and reaction to Pollstream's contribution to the show; a summary of comments posted in response.
    • 10:20 - Barbara Nixon - Author of a social media book, Deltina Hay, is auto-tweeting and not engaging with the community on Twitter.
    • 12:32 - Barbara Nixon - For students in her Social Media for PR classes, required reading: FIR; Bernie Golbach's commented that he also assigns FIR as required reading to his students.
    • 13:35 - Ricardo at Amigo Audio: Print-on-deand (POD) bookprinting and its potential impact on bookstores
    • 16:32 - Shel's and Neville's response to Ricardo's comments on the subject of POD and the evolution of bookstores
  • 20:25 - Message from Ragan Communications - redesigned their website (
  • 21:15 - News That Fits (intro)
    • 21:50 - Can Dave Winer reinvent blogging?
  • 32:10 - Dan York comments on Chris Brogan's blog-idea service; reports DimDim? (web conferencing service) purchased by SalesForce?; the iPhone announcement by Verizon; "It's on the Internet, so it must be true": Facebook is shutting down! and reports of Congressman Gifford's death (not true, either)
  • 37:43 - Shel's & Neville's related comments: Skype's acquisition of Quick; DimDim?; misreporting by the media, past and present
  • 43:00 - The Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop?; the benefits of resting our brains
  • 44:15 - a third of consumers now shopping via mobile
  • 52:08 - Michael Netzley reports from Singapore; he and his students will be rebuilding their "Digital Media Across Asia" wiki; Twitter in Japan; Groupon-like site in China; Indonesia* 58:02 - Message from Pollstream - what motivates employees?
  • 59:47 - David Phillips reports on the envisioning Digital Europe 2030 report
  • 1:03:05 - Closing comments
  • 1:03:21 - Closing message
  • 1:04:35 - Music from The Alice Project: Third Day

Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Bob Crawshaw
Christopher Cabrera
Mark Comerford
Ricardo from Amigo Audio
Barbara Nixon
Dan York
Michael Netzley
David Phillips

Today's Music: Third Day by The Alice Project.

Contributors to show notes for this show (add your name here)

  • Neville Hobson
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