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Show #562 - August 30, 2010

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Content summary

Follow-up on survey samples; correction on Disney blog aggregation story from last show; listener comments discussion; 5 minutes onů the Oxford English Dictionary may become an online-only publication, ghost-blogging firms, new thriller sells more e-books than hardcovers, how the public views PR/advertising; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; News that Fits: Burson's "State of Mobile Communications" report, Michael Netzley reports from Singapore on Pakistan and floods, meet the Chief Listening Officer, FTC issues order to PR firm to remove fake reviews, Dan York reports on video pictures books and more, Mark Story reports from inside the US federal government on enterprise 2.0 and gov 2.0; music from Alyshen; and more.

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Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Kris Gallagher
Ari Adler
Bryan Person
Dan York
Michael Netzley
Mark Story

Today's music: The One by Alyshen.

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  • Neville Hobson

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