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Show #546 - May 10, 2010

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Content summary

FIR Interview with Rhonda Bennetto posted; please vote for FIR at Podcast Alley; our best wishes to Shel Israel as he confronts open heart surgery; Hill & Knowlton reorganizes in the UK, how mobile carriers differentiate their iPad offerings; listener comments; News That Fits: how the iPad could revolutionise hotel communications, update on the BP oil spill and social media, Michael Netzley reports on China and the internet, the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop, Reuters launches online video-on-demand platform, Twitter research on what gets retweeted and more, Dan York reports on 10 years of blogging, winning an iPad, scaling your Twitter support; music from The Smallvilles; and more.

Time Codes Here!

  • 01:27 Rhonda Bennetto interview is up
  • 02:40 please vote for FIR at Podcast Alley
  • 03:28 chat about Shel Israel's impending triple bypass
  • 05:01 mobile carrier iPad offerings in the UK
  • 09:15 Hill and Knowlton's UK restructuring
  • 09:50 Message from Ragan Communications
  • 11:18 listener comments
    • 11:20 Doug Lacomb - BP's culture and their inability to deal with emotional social medial
    • 11:58 - Kris Gallagher - The ash eruption and the potential usefulness of FourSquare? for all the stranded travelers
    • 14:07 - Daniel Cornwall - Blog feeds not appearing on FB; other issues and recent changes on FB (e.g., community pages)
    • 16:34 - Kris Gallagher - responding to Dan York's report on FB changesin in episode #544
    • 20:02 - Daniel Cornwall - are 1-day conferences worth it, especially if you have to travel?
  • 22:18 News That Fits
    • 22:50 - The iPad could revolutionize hotel communications; specifically between concierge staff and guests
    • 28:40 - social media plays a role in the BP oil spill; citizen journalism, BP's FB page and Twitter account
  • 32:43 - Michael Netzley's report from Asia
  • 38:24 - Message from Custom Scoop - Media Monitoring Minute; P&G's problems with Pampers
  • 39:26 - Reuters launches online video-on-demand platform (subscription service)
  • 45:36 - Update on Twitter research (on avg., users are 4.2 connections apart)
  • 51:30 - Dan York's report: 10 years of blogging; acquired an iPad last week; Twitter apps to scale your Twitter response
  • 56:45 - Closing messages
  • 58:14 - Music from The Smallvilles: Not Enough

Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Doug LaCombe
Kris Gallagher
Daniel Cornwall
Dan York
Michael Netzley

Today's music: Not Enough by The Smallvilles.

Contributors to show notes for this show (add your name here)

  • Neville Hobson
  • Tony Molloy
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