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Show #362 - July 14, 2008

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Content summary

New FIR Interview posted; Shel's travels; Molson blogger outreach follow-up; Michael Netzeley in Singapore shares statistics and two case studies from Malaysia; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; News That Fits: knife crime battle turns to Facebook, three studies on business adoption of social media, media evolutions as the Guardian acquires PaidContent, Daily Mail launches US-printed edition, Telegraph sells ads outside UK, the Pickens Plan; listeners' comments and FIR Friendfeed Room roundup; music from Greta Gaines; and more.

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Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Michael Netzley
Sebastian Keil
Keith Childs
FIR Friendfeed Room

Today's music: L is 4 Loser by Greta Gaines.

FIR Cuts

News That Fits:
Why should HR embrace corporate social networking?
PR Jobs

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  • Neville Hobson

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