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Show #334 - April 7, 2008

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Content summary

FIR Live on BlogTalk Radio April 19; SNCR survey; geek dinners this week in Cleveland and London; Eric Schwartzman interviews Josh Bernoff from Forrester Research, Eric Taub from The New York Times and Don Clark from The Wall Street Journal; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; Phorm: online behaviour tracking that looks illegal; Boeing's public protest; blog and print build community for Flying Pickle; Kami Huyse and SeaWorld; ditching the resume/CV: will it work?; listeners' comments discussion; news about next Thursday's show; music from The Black Crowes; and more.

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Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Eric Schwartzman
Bernie Goldbach
Alice Marshall
Norbert Mayer Whitman

Today's music: Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution by The Black Crowes -

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  • Neville Hobson

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