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Show #263 - August 2, 2007

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Content summary

Vote for FIR at Podcast Alley and in the Podcast Awards 2007; FIR Interview iMeme conference podcast is posted; Rob Cottingham's cartoons; update on podcasting book availability with Tony Molloy's story and McGraw-Hill to the rescue; Dan York reports from the road in Florida; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; BBC puts flood reports in context wth interactive Google map; 10 things your IT department won't tell you; Eric Schwartzman interviews Dave Friedman of Avenue A|Razorfish; listeners' comment discussion: Sheri Rosen on the iPhone and Karl Susman's iPhone lament; commentary on social networks and employer access prohibitions; the music; and more.

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Thanks, volunteers...

Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Dan York
Eric Schwartzman
Sheri Rosen

Links (Dan York)
Rob Cottingham's cartoon, Noise to Signal
-> Shel's favourite (Eric Schwartman)
Today's music: Dark Cool by Rick Harris -

Contributors to show notes for this show (add your name here):
  • Neville Hobson
  • Rob Cottingham

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