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Show #250 - June 18, 2007

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Content summary

The community episode without Shel and Neville. Made entirely by Dan York, Sallie Goetsch rhymes with Sketch and Lee Hopkins, and featuring Carmen Van Kerckhove, Luke Armour, Doug Haslam, Francis Wooby, Rob Safuto, Professor Sketch, Alias Fallis and Jones, Anna Farmery, David Phillips, Chip Griffin, CC Chapman, John Wall, Karin Hoegh, Michael Bellina, Donna PepsiCola, Dan York, Mitch Joel, Lord Hopkins. Plus the music and, of course, more.

Time Codes

02:20 Dan York, Sallie Goetsch, and Lee Hopkins introduce the FIR tribute episode

05:12 Carmen Van Kerckhove
07:21 Luke Armour
09:47 Doug Haslam
11:57 Francis Wooby
14:17 Rob Safuto
16:38 Sallie Goetsch
18:44 Terry Fallis & David Jones
25:42 Anna Farmery
27:43 David Phillips
30:05 Chip Griffin
32:55 C.C. Chapman
34:00 John Wall
34:55 Karin Hoegh
37:26 Michael Bellina
39:37 Donna Papacosta
41:33 Dan York
45:55 Mitch Joel
49:22 Lee Hopkins
51:09 Closing Remarks
52:44 Music: You Donít Need an iPod by Uncle Seth


Today's music: You Don't Need An iPod by Uncle Seth -

Contributors to show notes for this show (add your name here):

  • Neville Hobson
  • Sallie Goetsch
  • Shel Holtz

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