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Show #245 - May 31, 2007

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Content summary

Join the FIR Facebook community; FIR #250 is soon; a bunch of 'FIR Interview' podcasts coming; IABC ConferenceCasts get underway; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; a social media job description; survey: business people using social networking for business purposes; Bruce Willis joins the conversation; the kerfuffle; the Melcrum Communicators' Network debuts; it's that time again: more dissing of PR; Google Gears blurs online and offline; Dan York reports on Mashable, the Melcrum Communicators' Network, Facebook platform, Twitter 'replies' tab, new Windows Live Writer beta; listeners' comments discussion; conferences next week: Delivering The New PR 2.0 and Engagement, Social Media and the Internal Communication Revolution; news about next week's shows; the music; and more.

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Thanks, volunteers...

Contributions and Comments from these Listeners

Dan York
Bernie Goldbach
Alice Marshall
Omar Ha-Redeye
Kevin Dugan via Twitter
theLunatic via Twitter
lkirk via Twitter

Today's music: Lift Me: Live in Second Life by Matthew Ebel -

Contributors to show notes for this show (add your name here):
  • Neville Hobson

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