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Show #221 - March 8, 2007

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Content summary

Shel at New Communications Forum; Chip Griffin's new podcast; Best Buy and Celebrity Big Brother follow-ups; UK government to warn illegal immigrants by text messaging; Sony launches virtual community for PS3 gamers; virtual worlds set for shake-up; Microsoft predicts VoIP call charges will plummet; business cards for your Second Life avatar; Dan York reports on SlideShare, Skype Prime and Twitter; join the FIR Twitter community; commentary: bum rush the charts; listeners' comments discussion; upcoming conferences; the music; and more.


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Time Codes

1:00 - Welcome

1:15 - Shel at New Communications Forum;

4:00 - Chip Griffin's new podcast;

5:15 – New Comm Forum update from Shel

6:20 - Best Buy

8:50 - Celebrity Big Brother follow-ups

UK government to warn illegal immigrants by text messaging

11:48 - Sony launches virtual community for PS3? gamers

13:10 - virtual worlds set for shake-up

18:45 - Microsoft predicts VoIP? call charges will plummet

20:45 - business cards for your Second Life avatar

22:45 - Dan York reports on SlideShare?, Skype Prime and Twitter

28:55 - join the FIR Twitter community & other thoughts from Neville on Dan’s report

32:30 – Shel talks about Digital Flotsam podcast & bum rush the charts

34:01 – PW Fenton on bum rush the charts

38:58 - listeners' comments discussion

39:12 - comment from Angelo Fernando re: WetPaint? & Wikipedia

40:52 - comment from Jonathan Goodman re: GoToMeeting?

42:45 - upcoming conferences

47:00 - the music by Black Lab

Listener Comments

Angelo Fernando
Jonathan Goodman



Contributors to show notes for this show (add your name here):
  • Neville Hobson
  • Chip Griffin

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