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Show #186 - November 02, 2006

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Content summary

Shel's in Atlanta; Neville's not here; Leesa Barnes will co-host on Monday; vote for us at Podcast Alley; One-Minute News: issues with Internet Explorer 7, requirements for social media press release, LibSyn? acquired, where is Microsoft's support for podcasting?, BP's head of US operations starts an intranet blog, Richard Edelman speaks out; Dan York joins a conversation about PR agencies offering blogging services; listener comments; the music; and more. 00:45 Call the Comment Lines - North America: +1 206 222 2803 | Europe: +44 20 8133 9844 | Skype: fircomments

1:25 Shel's in Atlanta, Neville's not


07:30 One Minute News
BP's head of US operations starts an intranet blog
Issues with Internet Explorer 7
Requirements for social media press release
LibSyn acquired
Where is Microsoft's support for podcasting?
Richard Edelman speaks out

32:25 Conversation with Dan York

Listener Comments

52:19 Mike writes about the need for Second Life
55:31 Frances Woobi about Second Life
56:46 Linda Zimmer responds to Frances

59:30 Wrap up

60:39 Music - No Bless "Oh My God!"

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Maggie Fox,
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