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Show #175 - September 25, 2006

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Content summary

Dates announced for New Communications Forum 2007; Bitacle blog content theft scam; a brewing kerfuffle surrounds the director-general of the CIPR; Text 100 video on Second Life; Cingular deal with YouTube; iPod FM transmitters in the UK; Lee Hopkins reports on Apple's cluelessness, interviews with communicators, Heidi Miller opens herself up to pictorial scrutiny, research questions; audio introductions from the Toronto geek dinner; David Phillips reports on ratatouille and XPRL; listeners' comments discussion; the music; and more.


1:38 Call the Comment Lines - North America: +1 206 222 2803 | Europe: +44 20 8133 9844 | Skype: fircomments


2:04 One minute news
Dates for New Communications Forum 2007 announced
Bitacle blog content theft scam
Text 100 video on Second Life
brewing kerfuffle surrounds the director-general of the CIPR
Martyn Davies on Mini FM transmitters
Cingular deal with YouTube?

15:56 Lee Hopkins Reports
Apple's stupidness; Interviews with communicators; Heidi Miller opens herself up to pictorial scrutiny; research questions

21:36 Apple and iPod

27:00 Audio introductions from the Toronto geek dinner

38:40 David Phillips
Baking PR bread

Listener Comments

44:40 Sallie Goetsch emails about policy and diversity
47:30 Sallie Goetsch comments on pitch blogs on the show blog
48:42 Clarence Jones warns on the blog about what you wish for
49:50 Sebastian Keil emails a collection of thoughts
52:37 Sebastian Keil on the fantasy hockey league
53:44 Tom Russell emails a new slogan
54:41 Carmen van Kerchove emails about small business using blogs
57:47 Dan York links changes on frapr

58:30 Wrap up

60:55 Music - Miggs "It's over"


IBM Mainframe video on YouTube
NewComm Forum press release
Allan Jenkins' post on Bitacle
YouTube-Cingular talent search
Wall Street Journal article on companies using social media for PR Dan York's post on FRAPR

Lee Hopkins' report:

Lee's post on Apple's effort to control the word "pod"
Lee's internal communications interview
Alternative link to Lee's interviews
Help Heidi Miller choose her publicity photo
Research questions

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