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Show #173 - September 18, 2006

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Content summary

New FIR Speakers & Speeches podcast posted; Neville’s video interviews with David Brain and Pete Blackshaw; the Lieberman campaign blog; iPod fans shun iTunes; Forrester Research and KnowledgeStorm? study on social media influence on b2b; pitching journalists the social media way; Lee Hopkins reports; discussion topic: Richard Edelman’s post on tolerance and the role of PR; David Phillips reports; listeners’ comments discussion; Shel at Toronto geek dinner; Podcast Expo and dine-around; Neville’s moving to the UK; the music; and more.

Time Codes

1:00 Comment

1:30 FIR Video and audio

4:22 Dan York and Brian Pearsons say thanks to FIR and the community

5:30 One minute news
Connecticut Politics blogs
Jupiter Research say few iPod music is from iTunes
Knowledge storm studies on purchasing decisions
Forrester Research state Gen Y stand apart
Forrester Research on Brand monitoring
Tod from PR Squared on more PR 2.0

15:48 Lee Hopkins
Interview with Alan Jenkins and Donna Papacosta; Second Life; Thanks

26:04 Dan York on Paul Vaugn live streaming seminar in Second Life

29:00 Tolerance and the role of PR

51:30 David Phillips
Fighting for PR

55:34 Donna Papacosta comments on employee communication
59:52 Angelo Fernando writes in to comment about Jaffe kerfuffle
62:35 Frances Wooby comments on the kerfuffle over kerfluffle

65:00 Wrap up.

69:41 Music - Dreaming blue "Beautiful today demo remix"


Todd Defren's post, "Tag, you're pitched"

Lee Hopkins' report

Donna Papacosta
Lee's interview with Donna Papacosta
The Comms Cafe
C.C. Chapman's Second Life Office
C.C. Chapman's post on Second Life etiquette

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  • Shel Holtz
  • Michael Van Der Donk
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