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Show #169 - September 04, 2006

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Content summary

The M Show's John Wall guest co-hosts; One-Minute News: advertisers flee "Survivor," the rise of character blogs, Danny Sullivan leaving Search Engine Watch, Radio Shack conducts an email layoff, introduction to Gigadial and Podcast Peer Awards, Podshow touts hottest women in podcasting, BoldMouth? and DMC announce joint venture; Eric Schwartzman interviews Pete Blackshaw; a Starbucks email promotion runs amuck; a Second Life terrorism follow-up; a kerfuffle over accreditation; listener comments; the music; and more.

Time Codes

1:00 Call the Comment Lines - North America: +1 206 222 2803 | Europe: +44 20 8133 9844 | Skype: fircomments
2:05 Vote at Podcast Alley

3:48 John talks about himself and The M Show

6:32 One Minute News
Survivor advertisers vote themselves off
Character Blogs
Danny Sullivan leaving Search Engine Watch
Radio Shack conducts an email layoff
Introduction to Gigadial and Podcast Peer Awards
Podshow touts hottest women in podcasting
BoldMouth and DMC announce joint venture

27:00 Eric Schwartzman interviews Pete Blackshaw

33:00 Starbucks email program

38:00 Terrorists in Second Life
41:16 Neville comments

52:13 Neville comments on professional accreditation

62:55 John Metcalf on signal to noise
64:37 Philip Boremans looking forwards to the ethics debate
66:36 Doug Haslam on other podcast lists
67:58 Sally Goetsch on music, manuals and second life

70:05 Wrap up

72:55 Music - Heth adn Jed "Following together" from the Podsafe Music Network


Podcast Ready
Philippe Borremans' interview with Ann Gregory
Code of Athens
Add the PR Blogger Portal badge to your blog
Podcast Peer Awards

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