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Show #165 - August 21, 2006

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Content summary

Terry Fallis of Thornley-Fallis is guest co-host while Neville’s in New York. One-minute news items include a look at a Canadian Internet usage survey, NOAA’s new presence in Second Life, ESPN’s decision to work with a Canadian interview expert to train its reporters, and a working group established to create a specification for a new-media news release. We also talk about the evolution of media training and how to address the consequences when social media spreads a political misstep. Also, a report from Eric Schwartzman, listeners’ comments, the music, and more.

Show Summary

1:47 all the Comment Lines - North America: +1 206 222 2803 | Europe: +44 20 8133 9844 | Skype: fircomments


2:50 Terry Fallis' introduction

6:38 Neville comments

8:20 One Minute News
Canadian Internet usage survey
NOAA now operating in Second Life
Canadian training ESPN reporters interview techniques
Working group for new-media news release

18:30 Evolution of media training
30:08 Interviews by email only and empowerment

33:50 Blogging gets carried away - How to respond effectively
47:06 Eric Schwartzman comments

Listener Comments

53:38 Pat Myer-Johnson comments about the kafuffle
54:24 Sally Getch tells us about Maxtor/Seagate
57:07 Paul Young on ethics
62:52 Rob Safuto on 164's bonus feature
65:30 Wrap-up

68:12 Music - Amy Dally "Or Not"


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Contributors to show notes for show #165 (add your name here):
  • Shel Holtz
  • Michael Vanderdonk

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