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Show #157 - July 24, 2006

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Content summary

Interview with Flemming Madsen of Onalytica posted; new NMRcast available; about that clock in the new 1-Minute News segment; coComment's new release; the secret diary of Steve Jobs; Podcast Network uses eBay to sell advertising; big rise in air travel complaints; CIA contractor blogger fired; Lee Hopkins reports; three blog surveys: Pew Internet, Porter Novelli corporate blogging, MSN Spaces UK survey; listeners' comments discussion; investor relations and social media: discussion theme for next show; the music (and the Wendy's story behind it); and more.


1:50 Call the Comment Lines - North America: +1 206 222 2803 | Europe: +44 20 8133 9844 | Skype: fircomments


2:20 Interview with Flemming Madsen of Onalytica posted
4:30 Second new media club 'cast
5:13 One minute news feedback
5:30 Brian Persons says to lose the ticking
6:35 Simon Wakeman concurs
7:22 Luke Armour makes it unanimous
8:08 One minute news
Brian Phillips on aging social media; Co-comment; Secret diary of Steve Jobs; Podcast Network uses eBay to sell advertising; BBC news report travel complaints soar
16:40 CIA contractor blogger fired
25:42 Lee Hopkins
Congratulations to Shel; Powerpoint countries; Writer distractions; Time on Second Life; New recording methods; Gun for Hire
43:31 Pew research study
50:00 Porter Novelli corporate blogging
53:20 MSN Spaces UK survey

Listener Comments Discussion

58:12 Donna Papacosta on Audio quality
59:26 Sebastien Keil on Second Life; Rude blog; Paying Digg users
61:04 Patrice Curtis on the economics of podcasting
62:50 Wrap up

65:10 Music by Orange Blood "Gun Shy"


Donna Papacosta's post on how Lee Hopkins started calling her Donna PepsiCola?
Nielsen Analytics press release on podcasting

Lee Hopkins' report

Powerpoint-free zones
Matthew Stibe's Bad Language blog
DarkRoom text editor
Simon Wakeman's post on DarkRoom
Donna Papacosta's post on Second Life
Contributors to show notes for show #157 (add your name here):
  • Neville Hobson
  • Shel Holtz
  • Michael Vanderdonk

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