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Show #147 - June 19, 2006

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Content summary

Jeremy Wright's b5media co-branded blogs for Fox Mediaís TV shows; Netscape returns with a Digg-like news page; a new Digg-like service for PR; retailer opens store in Second Life; Nielsen releases email newsletter/RSS usability report; Robert Scoble speaks for Microsoft on BBC TV; classified advertising stats: new media aren't killing old media; press releases are preferred content type among knowledge workers: survey; Lee Hopkins reports; Jeremy Pepper highlights trademark issues in Second Life; David Phillips reports; listeners' comments discussion; the music; and more.


00:28 Welcome from Neville & Shel
00:53 Comment line no.
01:15 What the show is about
01:36 What's on the show today - Netscape vs Digg; Constantin; 2nd life; Nielsen survey; Robert Scoble BBC interview; Lee Hopkins & David Philips


02:22 Breaking news: Jeremy Wright B5Media? running VIP fanclub blogs for 20th century Fox
05:13 Podcast 411 - Ronald D Moore Battlestar Galactica
07:21 Netscape vs. Digg ( - User driven news site
08:03 Mike Arrington - mention
12:56 Constantin Basturea -
15:03 What a Feedburner Flare is
16:06 Second life - virtual stores
19:50 Nielsen Study on email & newletter usability
22:56 Robert Scoble BBC interview
29:15 Old media adapts - Various reports
35:31 Press releases research
38:53 Lee Hopkins
->45:33 Internal communication leaking externally comments
->52:06 Double enders
54:06 Second Life Trademark issues
1:01:55 David Philips

Listener Comments Discussion

1:08:20 Donna Papacosta
1:10:05 Mitch Joel
1:12:08 Philippe Borremans
1:15:43 Jeff Clavier
1:20:36 Richard Krauss


Lee Hopkins' Report
Evan Yares
The video in question
Sallie Goetsch
Bryan Person
Donna Papacosta
Allan and Lee's chats
Bower Place
Baal temple
Daniel Johnston
Doug Johnstonís DIYPlanner

Today's Music

Silence by Caitlyn Smith. Via PMN.

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