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Show #146 - June 15, 2006

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Content summary

Show notes and contributors at The New PR Wiki; new PR blogs list; PRSA Counselors Academy blog (it's called 'For Immediate Release'); Bryan Person's new PR podcast; on-the-road review; potential new intro music; IAOC conference keynote in Brussels tomorrow; National Semiconductor gives iPods to all employees; David Philips reports (on Stephen Hawking; the PR super race); General Motors, The New York Times and how GM's FYI Blog fits in to the story; Dan York reports (Podcast Academy; eBay Developers conference; TypePad? and FeedBurner?; blog posting spam; internal podcast distribution); listeners' comments discussion (including 10-minute commentary from Keith Teare, CEO of Edgeio); FIR Frappr community update; the music; and more.

Time Codes

0:0 Intro
4:31 New PR links
6:10 New podcast by Bryan Person: "New Comm Road"
8:03 One the road interviews from IABC and Innovative Marketing Conference
11:03 Dinners in NY and Vancouver
14:17 Thanks Lloyd Grosse with another intro
15:55 Brussels presentation over Skype


17:45 iPods for employees
25:27 David Phillips
29:37 Comments on DP report
30:47 General Motors responds to NY Times
40:38 Dan York: typepad, Feedburner, spam
48:18 Corp internal podcasts
49:09 Outlook RSS
52:30 Post spam

Listener comments

54:01 Rich Casey Comments on security
58:10 John Cass on Larry Weber interview
59:30 Mitch Joel audio commentary
1:04:08 James Foster is hot, damn hot! on the Interviews.
1:05:36 Mark Bradley on the Interviews
1:07:40 Octavia Comments 1:08:00 Keith Teare, founder of EdgeIO?, audio comment
1:19:46 Neville [1] sneezing
1:19:51 Edge content
1:20:49 Marcel DeRuiter?
1:21:46 Jonathan Lowe audio commentary
1:24:80 Neville swears up a storm
1:28:55 Matt O'Neil (matt.oneil at imarco dot com) asking for customer input
1:29:55 Conclusion
1:33:42 Music - Am I Awake? by They Might Be Giants
1:37:00 End


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  • Neville Hobson
  • Michael Van Der Donk
  • Shel Holtz
  • Bryan Person

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