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Show #145 - June 12, 2006

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Content summary

A week on the road; podcast interviews in New York; Robert Scoble to leave Microsoft; content at the edge and tagging; European politicians embrace social media; Lee Hopkins reports; a conversation with Joseph Jaffe on Web 2.0; listeners’ comments discussion; the music; and more.



00:29 Neville introduces the show;
00:56 What FIR is about
01:23 Where Shel is today
01:50 Comment line number
02:05 Show summary: Robert Scoble; European Politicians; Web 2.0 CMP/O'Reilly
02:38 Brief comments about IABC conference in Vancouver; Corante Innovative Marketing in NYC and interviews posted on the FIR site

News and Commentary:

04:17 Robert Scoble leaves Microsoft for Podtech
08:10 Robert Scoble in his own words, from Podtech press release podcast
10:55 Neville talks about text chat with Kevin Alison of FT San Francisco on Scoble issue
13:25 Shel Holtz contribution
13:45 Shel on the joys of domestic air travel
15:12 Shel talks about "Content on the edge"
17:48 "Microformats" and their use in content on the edge; Technorati development kitchen
19:20 Edge content on Intranets
22:18 Edge content on Extranets
24:00 Neville on Cogenz, Niall Cook of Hill and Knowlton
24:45 Lee Hopkins, back from illness
25:31 Lee on Robert Scoble
27:01 Rocket Boom
27:38 Microsoft's Channel 9
27:40 Ron Shewchuk's Barbeque podcast
31:12 Bryan Person, Heidi Miller, Donna Papacosta
32:48 Neville comments on Lee's piece
32:03 Videocasting
33:55 Politicians and Podcasting/Blogging
34:07 David Miliband, UK Secretary of State, Blogging
34:53 Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, video podcast
35:16 Nicolas Sarcosi, French Minister of the Interior, blogging
35:40 BBC on Blogger area at this year's Tory party conference
36:37 Bloggers in the Netherlands Government
37:30 Web 2.0 trademark registration by CMP, O'Reilly
38:57 Conversation between Joseph Jaffe, Neville and Shel from the FIR/Across the Sound Geek Dinner, about the "Web 2.0" contraversy 42:14 Bloggers vs. Journalists
44:20 Optimal time for a response: Jaffe says 24 hours is enough time for companies to respond
45:17 Neville comments on the geek dinner

Listeners’ Comments Discussion:

45:50 Comments
46:05 Lloyd Gross with FIR Promo audio
47:54 James Foster on Corante Interviews
49:33 Neville comments on Deepak Advani (Lenovo) interview and the US State Dept on PCs? from China
51:18 China Law Blog comment on Lenovo
52:13 Audio comment from Mike Bellina, re: solutions to show length


55:47 Neville wraps up the show and frets about something he has perhaps forgotten
57:28 How to contact FIR
58:14 Neville speaking on Friday 16th at the IAOC conference in Belgium, with Shel via Skype
59:51 Music from Podsafe: Hey Hey Sister by Laura Clapp (

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