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Show #144 - June 8, 2006

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Content summary

Live recording from the 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference in New York; about the IABC international conference in Vancouver and show #143; Dan York reports; about the New York conference; a conversation with Christopher Carfi of the Social Customer Manifesto; listeners’ comments discussion; the music, and more.


00:31 Neville introduces the show
02:09 What FIR is about

News and Commentary:

03:30 Mention of Interview Russ Klein, Burger King; Blogjam on the Fast Company Blog
04:30 Discussion of IABC conference in Vancouver
06:38 Discussion of Todd Maffin presentation
10:05 Discussion about interview with IABC's Glenda Holmes
10:52 Comments about Warren Bickford and IABC vs. advocacy
13:07 Neville on the IABC AGM
14:05 IABC Membership growth
14:45 IABC Financial issues
17:17 Shel recommends IABC membership
17:30 IABC Blog
17:57 Dan York Report
18:28 Dan York on the Skyepcast edition and live recording
19:30 Dan York on conferencing extra people in using Skype
19:45 Podcast User magazine
21:34 Christopher Carfi, Social Customer Manifesto
22:17 Comments on Russ Klein, Burger King and Social Currency
24:50 Marketing or community
26:00 Subservient chicken
29:55 Brand awareness
30:16 Coffee shops
32:25 Social Customer Manifesto
33:50 Long tail model
35:09 Discussion on Attention

Listeners’ Comments Discussion:
40:55 Sebastian Kyle on Skypecast edition vs. Waxi; Word 2007 & blogging' Pooling PR resources with tags
44:31 Tac Anderson: Myspace for Roaring Springs
47:16 Clarence Jones: Newpr Wiki and password protection
49:41 Jeremiah ?? on Technorati and reputation
52:47 Sally Geitsch on reputation
54:36 Luke Armor on Skypecast edition; interview with Jared


55:57 Shel wraps up, how to contact FIR
57:41 Neville talks about FIR interviews on the Blogjam and FIR site
59:50 Music from Deathcab for Cutie: Title and Registration

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