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Show #142 - June 1, 2006

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Content summary

Our Skypecast experiment. Forrester says half of interactive marketers won't use social media; David Phillips reports on Net neutrality; three online case studies that affected reputation; Dan York on OPML; listeners' comments; the music; and more.

Detail - Timecodes


    00:28 Introduction by Shel 
01:27 What the show is about
01:55 Comment line number
02:15 How this (Skypecast show) came about
Waxi - Robert Scoble/Shel Israel
05:18 IABC conference in Canada
05:52 FIR dinearound
06:58 Corante Marketing Conf.
News & Commentary

    09:19 Forester - Marketers have no intention to use social media 
12:41 Josh comment
Whether marketing people know how to use the new technologies.
"Sheville" coined here
16:09 Andrew Hanson
Two-tiered approach. Not only needing to train the client but also the client's client
18:40 Judy Jones
19:48 David Phillips on Net Neutrality
Close vote in House Judiciary Committee vote 20:13 in favour of net neutrality.
26:41 Dan York on net neutrality
30:58 Josh comment
the internet is more than America
32:56 Dan York
Where are the voices of he Internet users and innovators?
34:57 Kay Finch
Are EU telcos public or state-owned?
36:23 David Phillips
The cost to growth in the economies.
38:36 David Phillips
Internet infrastucture is a spin off of the cold war
39:16 Discussion of reputation on line
39:33 Techcrunch - Michael Arrington
Gilmour Gang suggest you can buy a review on Techcrunch
46:29 Alan Jenkins comment
Desirable roasted coffee code of ethics.
46:44 David Phillips comments on Arrington issue
48:10 Web 2.0
Oreilly/CMP send cease & desist letter over use of phrase "Web 2.0"
55:35 Alan Jenkins
Mobitype issue
57:24 Luke Armour comments
58:02 Marcel de Ruiter reference
58:33 Tom Murphy PR Opinions
Transparent information is essential
59:39 Southampton FC
PR firm posed as fans in the fan message board
64:18 Dan York report
Lee & Alan comms cafe. Video cameras - using digital still cameras (or cellphones) to record videocasts.
68:39 DY - multi conference via Skype
69:6 DY - PR week article about OPML
Listener Comments

   71:52 Tac Anderson 
Tailrank - OPML
72:17 Kevin Finch
72:53 Anonymous listener - Rob Safuto?
Issues about multiple domains and how search engines measure popularity
75:31 Michael Van der Donk
Show notes
76:27 Sally Goetsch
Mangling headsets. PR template from Shift Communications.
77:26 Sebastian
Show notes - use, if you don't need timecodes
79:38 Sally Goetsch
Podcasts as an alternative to lecture attendance
81:08 Bryan Person question on Blog comments
82:03 Rob Cottingham Freak Orphans TV series, characters have blogs & presence on Flickr, Mypsace, Youtube etc.
85:28 Heidi Miller
Direct Marketeers conference. Delegates focussed on direct mail and only 2/50 consume blogs and podcasts. Would electronic media work better than direct mail?

    91:41 How to comment etc. 
93:10 Problems with accessing podshow
Redirected to Yahoo music. Both Neville & Bryan Person.
93:56 Podsage Music: Supralux with "Tokyo"
Some kind of Rolling Stones inspired rock effort. Originally heard on CC Chapman Accidenthash

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The NetSquared? conference for non-profits and the social web

Links for characters from the new CBC TV show "Being Alone":


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